Red Shirts Work Best in Facebook Ads: Welcome to the Slippery Slope


Entrepreneur recently had a great article on how business owners can improve the results they’re seeing from their Facebook advertising. One tip immediately jumped out at us: ads featuring a person wearing a red shirt test 75% better than ads featuring a person wearing a shirt of a different color. It’s an interesting point, but… Continue Reading »

A smartphone being used by a consumer

How Smartphones Have Changed The Way We Shop


Pay attention to the way customers shop with you this holiday season. You’re going to see that buying behaviors have changed compared to previous years – particularly when compared to those years before smartphones! Here’s how things are different: More Frequent, Smaller Shopping Experiences: Google has recently reported that more than half of all holiday… Continue Reading »


The Writing on the Wall: Understanding the Signature Hashtag


Signature Hashtags are hashtags your company develops and tries to own on social media; the ultimate goal is to get social media users to adopt and use the hashtags, boosting the overall visibility and appeal of your brand. Sometimes a signature hashtag is as simple as using your brand’s name: check out #Pandora or #Harley… Continue Reading »