Is Data-Driven Marketing Only For Big Companies?


Wal-Mart has become the world’s largest retailer in part because they know more about their customers than anyone else. Their just-in-time inventory system – which allows the mega-retailer to stock only what they need on site – is entirely dependent on understanding who their customers are, what they are likely to buy, and when they’re… Continue Reading »


Clothes Make The Man…But Not In The Way You Might Think


This morning’s Wall Street Times has a fascinating article about the way the clothes we wear impacts how others see us. Some of the information in that article seems counterintuitive: college students pay more attention to a professor who wears jeans and a t-shirt than one who dons the traditional professorial attire of a suit… Continue Reading »


The Social Media Comfort Zone


Think back to when you were in school. It’s likely that you had a subject or a few subjects that you loved and excelled in while there were others you dreaded. If you were like us, you attacked the homework for the former and reluctantly approached the latter after exhausting your long list of excuses… Continue Reading »