Facebook’s Latest Change Could Impact Your Page Likes


Don’t be surprised if you see the number of likes your Facebook page currently has decreasing sometime in the next few weeks. Facebook has announced that it will be removing any page likes associated with pages that have been deactivated, including those whose owners have died. Social media has become so central to our lives,… Continue Reading »


Is Your Website Really Mobile Friendly?


Over 60% of all web traffic occurs on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s incredibly important to be sure your website looks great and functions flawlessly on many different types of devices – but how is the typical small business owner supposed to do this? Google has the answer. If you… Continue Reading »


Shop Your Competition – From Your Smartphone


What if I told you spending just 15 minutes shopping your competition – on your smartphone – could make you a better marketer? It’s true. Jessica Bowers does a great job explaining this in her Business2Community article, and I’d like to build on what she said. Business is competitive. There’s no two ways around it:… Continue Reading »


Does Buy Online, Pick Up in Store Really Work for the Retailer?


The 2014 holiday season was good to online retailers. EMarketer reports a 16% growth over the previous year; encouraging news in an environment where customer confidence was uncertain. In store pick up orders increased 40% on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014. Click To Tweet Buy Online, Pick Up in Store campaigns began to be… Continue Reading »