Originality is Overrated – Really!


After the Republican National Convention, everyone’s talking about originality. High school teachers across the country took to social media to explain the ins and outs of plagiarism; both Melania and Donald Jr. have been accused of, at a minimum, borrowing key phrases from other people’s speeches. It’s clear that when it comes to content –… Continue Reading »


Can You Hear Me Now?


One of the great debates in digital marketing has to do with sound. Is it better to create a soundtrack for your video ads, or is it a waste of time as most people keep their speakers turned off? Pandora, one of the leading music streaming services, is making an attempt to answer that question… Continue Reading »


When You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them: A Look at Amazon’s Prime Day


If you’re an independent retailer, chances are you’ve got some strong feelings about Amazon. One of the world’s largest retailers, and the undisputed king of online sales, Amazon is very difficult to compete with. Their Prime program in particular generates lots of customer loyalty and repeat business: after shoppers have invested $99 to belong to… Continue Reading »