Victoria Spills Her Real Secret: The Measurements That Matter


For a very, very long time, the Victoria’s Secret catalog occupied a distinct space in the direct mail world. Featuring pages and pages of beautiful women wearing expensive underthings, it was considered essential reading by many and a mainstay of the brand’s identity. But Victoria’s Secret announced today that the catalog is over – if… Continue Reading »


Personalization is Powerful


Everybody’s been trying to crack the mystery of what makes Millennials buy. We know that this generation tends to be careful with their dollars; they’re intense researchers who will go online to read reviews and generally watch several videos before they commit to a purchase. Value is extremely important to Millennials. So too is the… Continue Reading »


Coming Soon: Instagram Business Profiles!


One out of every five Americans uses Instagram, and the social media platform is well aware of how attractive it is to business owners. Advertising options have recently expanded, with the Carousel ads now allowing video and image based content to be used together. Now TechCrunch is reporting that Instagram is testing business profiles. Business… Continue Reading »