Change Is A Good Thing – Even Where Social Media is Concerned!


Just this week, I was having a great conversation with a client about the love they’re getting on Tumblr from their customers. Their customer base skews slightly younger than average – think 15-25 – and we talked about the different social media platforms that were most relevant to their audience. The conversation had a mix… Continue Reading »


Leadership Changes & New Features May Make Klout Relevant


Klout has always occupied a strange place in the social media universe. Rather than presenting itself as the stereotypical social network, Klout was all about measuring influencer impact. By tracking the number of followers and types of engagements a user had on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Klout would… Continue Reading »


Google+ Latest Changes Makes Platform More Pinterest-Like


Poor Google+. Of all the social media networks, it’s had the hardest time gaining traction, and there have been repeated reports of an impending demise. Google hasn’t been shy about retiring slow-starting or even popular products before (Remember Google Reader?) so the expectation that the plug would be pulled on Google + doesn’t seem all… Continue Reading »


Better Safe Than Sorry? Not If You’re Trying to Connect With Millennial Customers


In reviewing Micah Solomon’s excellent Forbes article, “2015 Is The Year of the Millennial,” I came across this bit that I’d like to share with you. After explaining that members of the Millennial generation define themselves as being willing to risk some level of danger in pursuit of excitement and adventure, Solomon writes, “Embracing danger… Continue Reading »