Should You Be All Fired Up About Amazon’s New Smartphone?


Smartphones have become such a central part of our existence: more than two-thirds of all Americans have one, and they have rapidly become the most popular way to access the internet and do some online shopping. For a long time, we’ve had just a few platforms to consider: Apple’s iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android based… Continue Reading »


What You Need To Know About the RebelMouse Reboot


RebelMouse is one of the best-known content curation platforms. It’s used by companies that wish to collect multiple streams of content – gathered from websites or social media sites – and present it in a single, branded environment where it’s super simple for visitors to re-share the content to their own communities. Earlier this month,… Continue Reading »


Are You and Your Team Speaking the Same Language?


All too often, issues arise in business not due to incompetence but rather to misunderstandings. These misunderstandings, though generally not catastrophic, lead to wasted time explaining the original vision and tweaking – or in some cases re-doing – the item in question. This situation occurs across all types of businesses, whether it’s two servers at… Continue Reading »