What Can You Do In 6 Seconds? Lowe’s Demonstrates the Power of Vine


Vine is a social media platform that gives business owners the opportunity to share a six-second video that repeats on a loop. At first glance, the marketing potential of Vine isn’t necessarily obvious to everyone. After all, six seconds isn’t very long. What meaningful message could you possibly convey in that amount of time? Lowe’s,… Continue Reading »


Understanding Organic Reach: Facebook’s Dirty Little Secret Can Be Costing You Sales!


For most small business owners, having a Facebook presence is a non-negotiable requirement. Their customers are on Facebook every single day, making it the ideal place for brands to connect. But there’s a big problem: a significant portion of the posts you make to Facebook may never be seen by your customers at all. Here’s… Continue Reading »


Alex from Target: The Value of Being Aware & Responsive


Here’s how you create a powerful viral marketing campaign on social media, Target style: Step one: Hire a cashier who bears a more than passing resemblance to Justin Bieber. In this case, the young man is named Alex. Step two: Monitor your social media presence carefully, so when people start tweeting about Alex from Target,… Continue Reading »