The Value of Copy in a Visual Age


Images are becoming increasingly important in media and digital marketing, from larger and larger cover photos and posts on social platforms to the use of infographics to relay information in an easy to digest manner. Thus, it stands to reason that photos and graphics should play an important role on your website. However, this should… Continue Reading »


What Does Media’s Shift Toward Mobile Mean For Small Business Owners?


North of the border, a monumental change in the media is something small business owners here need to be paying attention to. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is radically changing the way they operate, shifting the emphasis away from the television and radio coverage that had been their primary offering to news and towards content… Continue Reading »


Did Gallup Get It Wrong?


Earlier this week, Gallup released a report called The State of the American Consumer. People went nuts over this report – especially the bit where 62% of consumers don’t believe social media influences their purchasing decisions. If you’re a business owner using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google + to market your business, you really don’t… Continue Reading »