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Instagram Is About To Get Even More Interesting: New Advertising Tools You Need To Know About


For many small business owners, Instagram is already the most important social media platform in their marketing mix. Rated as the most vital social network by more than a third of those 34 and under, Instagram can be highly successful when used as a sales tool – a fact demonstrated very well by brands like… Continue Reading »


Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat & Vine: Who’s Using These Social Media Platforms


Business Insider has released its latest research regarding social media usage demographics. Looking at what social media platforms are relevant to different genders, ages, economic groups and other criteria can make it easier to decide which platforms need to be part of your marketing mix. One thing this report makes clear is that while everyone… Continue Reading »


3 Ways To Make YouTube Work Better For Your Business – No Camera Required!


There are tons and tons of marketing advice out there telling small business owners that they absolutely, positively need video to promote their business. For most of us, video means YouTube. Over 300 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but most of this footage goes unseen. If you want to increase… Continue Reading »


Life in the Age of Digital Podomancy


Many people are familiar with palmistry – that’s the art of foretelling the future by looking at the naturally occurring lines on the hands. But did you know some people believe they can peek around tomorrow’s corner by studying feet? That’s the divinitive practice of podomancy. Now I’m not entirely sure you can tell anything… Continue Reading »