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How Do You Judge Your Marketing Success If You Can’t Measure It?


One of the biggest roadblocks we see when it comes to digital marketing relates to measuring its success. Often business owners don’t know how to gauge the effects of their digital marketing, or they use the wrong metrics, causing them to believe that it’s just wasted time and effort. Or, conversely, they continue with tools… Continue Reading »

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics Overview: Tweet to Succeed


Marketers love metrics because it allows us to do multiple things: better understand our audience and measure the success of our efforts. This is reflected in the tools that digital marketers use, such as Google Analytics, SEO tracking tools, social media monitoring platforms and so on. Social media sites have wised up to benefits of… Continue Reading »


Customize Your Google Analytics


How do you want to see the data Google provides? Google gives you pre-designed areas to review information on your visitors’ actions and details; however, some of us want to see things differently. That’s where Google Customization comes in to help. Click on the customization tab in your Google Analytics and +New Custom Report to… Continue Reading »


Google Analytics Part of Your Weekly Website Spot Check


The last item in our weekly spot check list is to review your Google Analytics. Google’s Analytics application can be a great benefit for small business when reviewed weekly. By looking at your Analytics on a regular basis, you’ll be able to identify concerns quickly before they become larger problem. Reviewing your Analytics each week… Continue Reading »