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Love Takes Time… And So Does Digital Marketing


Happy Valentine’s Day! Though we’ve all had dreams of love at first site, many of us learned the hard way that love takes time to blossom and develop. As the song goes, “You can’t hurry love.” The same can be said for digital marketing. Though we have become accustomed to the idea that technology allows… Continue Reading »


Do You Need A New Website?


There’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a small business owner like the suggestion that it might be time to re-do the website. The question “Do I really have to?” is a very common response. To answer that question, you have to understand how your customers are accessing your website. In the past… Continue Reading »


Think Outside the Blog


As more and more companies join social media platforms it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out. Couple that with the fact that Google is putting more emphasis on user satisfaction each month and the need to create highly sharable content to post on your site – and on other platforms that link to your website… Continue Reading »


What’s Involved In Creating A Great Infographic For Your Business?


Infographics are great marketing tools for the small business owner. These wildly popular graphics combine essential information – often eye-opening stats or facts – with appealing elements of design. Infographics can appear on your company website, on your blog, and on social media. There are even infographic sharing sites, such as visual.ly and DailyInfographic.com, where… Continue Reading »