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Positioning Yourself on Social Media


Last Thursday, March 27th, I had the great opportunity to be seminar leader at Destination U, a very dynamic event created and hosted by The MI Network. This amazing three session workshop was all about giving attendees the tools they needed to find direction in their lives. What do you use when you need directions… Continue Reading »

Sending Mass Messages on LinkedIn

Linking Up: Sending Mass LinkedIn Messages


One of the biggest benefits we’ve garnered from modern technology is the ability to send mass communications in real time. From email marketing campaigns to social media, we can speak to hundreds, or even thousands, of customers in real time. LinkedIn offers a particularly useful tool for communicating directly with our contacts: Mass Messages. Reasons… Continue Reading »


The Social Media Majority


We’ve long since touted the importance of social media for small and medium sized businesses, and now we have even more reason to sing its praises. LinkedIn recently released research stating that approximately 81% of SMBs use social media. Though this is excellent progress, we believe that almost all SMBs can benefit from these platforms…. Continue Reading »


LinkedIn Company Pages: Additional Features for Better Connecting


Today more and more of my clients who focus on business-to-business marketing are starting to really value LinkedIn. The platform is a great tool for connecting organizations with their team members. Recently, LinkedIn rolled out new features for their Company Pages to help page administrators connect more effectively to both people and organizations. Here are… Continue Reading »