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Show, Don’t Tell: This is How It’s Done, Folks!


Here’s a piece of writing advice familiar to any aspiring novelist: Show, Don’t Tell. It’s simply better storytelling – more persuasive & compelling – to let your character’s actions clue the reader in to what is going on. Experience has taught most of us that what a person actually does is far more important than… Continue Reading »


Staying Productive In the Snow


We all remember that glorious feeling of excitement from our childhood brought on anytime the weatherman called for snow. The possibility that school would be canceled sent us over the moon and had us planning just how many snowmen we’d build and hills we’d sled down. Now, however, this inclement weather is no longer cause… Continue Reading »

Updating Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2014

Refreshing Your Digital Marketing Plan for 2014


One of the best things about the New Year is it presents us with an opportunity to review our performance and make improvements where necessary. As business owners, we look at every aspect of our operations and say, “How can I make this work better?” Digital marketing is an area of particular concern: changes in… Continue Reading »


Great Visuals Sell – But Where Do You Get Great Visuals?


In a world where you’re connecting with your customers through social media and your website, strong, compelling, interesting visuals are essential. People pay more attention to pictures than they do to text, especially in the initial stages of any brand relationship. Photos, logos, and other graphics convey vital information about your company quickly and succinctly… Continue Reading »