3 Ways to Help Your Partner Retailers Expand Their Reach on Facebook


Social media is a hugely important marketing tool for both your brand and the partner retailers you do business with. Facebook continues to be the most predominant platform, although Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms are rapidly gaining ground. That being said, Facebook’s recent changes have significantly impacted the organic reach of any content your partner retailers are posting. That means fewer and fewer of their – and your! – customers are being exposed to their messaging.

Here are three ways you can help your partner retailers enjoy greater reach:

step11. Provide short video content your partner retailers can post – frequently!

While it’s not totally clear how Facebook is determining what type of posts will be rewarded with the greatest amount of organic reach, it is known that short video content is a winner – particularly when it is shared through Facebook’s native video uploader, rather than being linked to on YouTube or Vimeo. Creating effective, short videos is something many jewelry retailers struggle with; if your brand can provide them with funny, engaging clips for use on social media, both of you will benefit.

step22. Strategically share your partner retailer’s posts.

As part of your brand management, a member of your team should be keeping an eye on the social media presence of all of your partner retailers. At a minimum, check each store’s Facebook twice a week, and share those posts that you feel effectively align with your own brand’s messaging. Other must share items – any charitable or community events your partner retailers are participating in, as well as milestone celebrations, such as 10 years in business.

step33. Share current best practices information with your partner retailers.

One of the most valuable services a brand can provide to their partner retailers is current education regarding the most effective social media marketing practices. Running a jewelry store, particularly an independent store, takes a lot of time and energy and many retailers just don’t have the time to keep current on what’s happening in the ever changing world of social media. By taking a leadership role and sharing information on the ideal frequency of posts (think between 16-30 per month for most retailers) as well as preferable types of content (videos and links are good while image only posts are losing reach) you’ll make it easy for retailers to market themselves more effectively on social media – and when that happens, everybody wins.

3 Ways to Help Your Partner Retailers Expand Their Reach on Facebook
Article Name
3 Ways to Help Your Partner Retailers Expand Their Reach on Facebook
Your retail partners' organic Facebook reach is suffering, meaning fewer followers are seeing your jewelry. See how you can help expand their reach.

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