3 Ways To Make YouTube Work Better For Your Business – No Camera Required!


There are tons and tons of marketing advice out there telling small business owners that they absolutely, positively need video to promote their business. For most of us, video means YouTube. Over 300 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but most of this footage goes unseen. If you want to increase the amount of attention your customers are paying to your video content, make sure you’re doing these three things:

  • Give Your Video a Great Title

YouTube video titles are 100 characters long. That’s not a lot of space, so you want to be strategic. Create a title that’s both catchy and informative. People want to understand what your video is about, and get a sense of what the video is going to be like.  Great Wines for Monday Night Football – Bold Reds & Whites Guys Love will get more eyeballs than Red and White Wine Choices.

  • Write a Complete, Compelling Description

You have exponentially more space available to you in the description area, and it’s a good idea to use all of it. Integrate relevant search terms and keywords whenever possible. Give viewers an overview of what’s going to happen in the video. You can also use your description area to include links to your business homepage or social media sites, making it easy for interested viewers to learn more about your company.

The best video in the world won’t help your business if nobody knows it’s there to be seen. Integrate your videos into your marketing mix by linking to it on your social media platforms, embedding it in your website, and even including it in eblasts and MMS messages.

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