4 Fantastic Reasons To Send Holiday E-Cards To Your Customers


With Halloween safely behind us and Thanksgiving coming fast, now is the time to think about creating and sending holiday e-cards to your customers. There are four fantastic reasons to take advantage of one of the most powerful forms of email marketing. Here’s what they are:

  1. People really like getting holiday greetings from their favorite companies.

    It’s easy to be cynical and view holiday e-cards as just another marketing message, but the truth is that the vast majority of customers actually like getting holiday greetings form their favorite companies. It makes them feel special, recognized and appreciated. There are worse things you could be doing at this time of year than putting a smile on your customers’ faces.

  2. E-Cards increase the chances your customers will see your holiday messaging

    You never know when customers are going to visit your website, and social media messaging can be hit or miss – particularly if you’re not investing in advertising! On the other hand, people read their email – particularly when it’s fun and targeted directly to them.

  3. E-Cards are the budget friendly alternative to traditional holiday greeting cards.

    Having a greeting card designed, printed, addressed and mailed is a time-consuming, expensive process. Even choosing to use a standard holiday greeting card (which greatly diminishes the impact you’ll make on your customer!) will set the typical small business back more than a thousand dollars by the time everything’s all done. E-cards on the other hand, are designed specifically for your business, are completely customizable, can be delivered in an instant, and require no pricey postage. Get all the benefits of a holiday greeting for a fraction of the expense – it’s like a present for you!

  4. Holiday e-cards can generate sales.

    Smart, strategic e-card design can create holiday cheer and boost holiday sales at the same time. Something as simple as enclosing a savings offer as a gift for the recipient or a link to holiday best-sellers can spur your customers to action, at a point when they’re already feeling good about your company.

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Our team of world class designers is standing by to create amazing, effective holiday e-cards your customers will love. Act now to make this your best holiday season ever!

4 Fantastic Reasons To Send Holiday E-Cards To Your Customers
Article Name
4 Fantastic Reasons To Send Holiday E-Cards To Your Customers
Holiday E-Cards are an excellent way to spread the festive cheer to your customers and make lasting connections.

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