4 Spring Updates to Rejuvenate Your Digital Marketing


Last week the calendar notified us that it is officially spring; though if you live in the northeast you may feel a bit different. Spring is a time of growth and change, and it is the perfect time to schedule some spring updates in your digital marketing.

Spruce Up Your Website Imagery

spring-photoDepending upon the type of business you are in, your website images may not have changed much in the past few months. Now is the perfect time to go through your website and replace a few images to give your website a new feel on a budget. Change out your home page images and main content page imagery with new stock photos for a fresh new spring look.

Give Your Site Some New Headlines

spring-textI know you do not have a great deal of time to re-write all your website content, but why not use the arrival of spring to try some new headlines? New headings will grab your visitor’s attention. Often new headlines speak to current customers, giving them a new reason to reconnect.

Update Your Covers

spring-coverOnce you have decided to change the photos on your website, it is important to carry that change through to your social presences. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ company pages all have cover photos. Update your covers to match with your main website. If social media was your catalysts for change, be sure to apply it to your website as well.

Don’t Forget Your Email

spring-emailWhen was the last time you updated your email signature? Get inspired by the spring and review what’s at the bottom of every email. Switch things up and add in your social connections or even include the icons for visual effect. Besides your daily email, if you also send out monthly eblasts be sure to carry the changes through to your email marketing. You may even want to call attention to your updates in your spring eblast.

Spring can often inspire us to clean and update, why not apply that to your digital marketing? Make a plan for your spring changes and implement them in the first two weeks of April. I guarantee it will re-energize you, your business, and your clients.

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