4 Ways to Encourage Your Customer to Talk About You on Social Media


We all want our customers to talk about us on social media, but how exactly do those conversations start? It turns out that the brands that are the most visible on social media put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating that visibility. Customers sometimes need to be talked into being brand advocates. Here are four strategies you can start using today!

  1. Ask Them To In Person

    If you want your customers to talk about your company on social media, it doesn’t hurt to ask them. This is especially effective in a face-to-face conversation with your regular customers. The idea of discussing your brand on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest might have never occurred to them, but if you explain that it will help your company out, people are often happy to share a post or two. This is especially effective for local businesses, where customers are heavily invested in seeing “their” neighborhood restaurant, salon or shop succeed.

  2. Encourage In-Store Selfies

    Especially effective for retailers – an in-store ‘selfie station’ where people can snap pics of themselves with the apparel, jewelry, or toys they’d like to have. All you need is a convenient place for people to stand, perhaps with a sign with your store’s logo and a #IWish hashtag. A great idea for jewelry stores is the hopeful bride-to-be posing with a stunning engagement ring on her hand with the hashtag #HintHint. There’s no harm in letting your customers do your selling for you!

  3. Through Emails

    Every time you email a customer, whether it’s a promotional Eblast or about a special order, customer service issue, or other communication, include some text or a graphic encouraging people to post about you. Something as direct as “Love Randy’s Jewelry? Let the world know why with #ILoveRandy” can deliver surprising results.

  4. Piggy Back on Existing Trends

    Online events, like #TalkLikeAPirateDay, give your customers a way to share your brand in a fun way. Create a funny visual that includes your brand messaging in a subtle (or not so subtle, if you’re Captain Morgan!) way and get it out there early in the day to give your customers plenty of time to share it. To see a master of this strategy, watch Oreo’s social media. They’re really excellent at it. In the jewelry world, #WeddingWednesday and #HowHeAsked are great options – these particular hashtags have proven sticking power.

4 Ways to Encourage Your Customer to Talk About You on Social Media
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4 Ways to Encourage Your Customer to Talk About You on Social Media
Take the power of social media to the next level by encouraging your customers to become advocates for you.

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