4 Ways to Keep Up with Social Media


I often get this question when I give a presentation: “How Do I Keep Up On Changes in Social Media?” It’s a great question, but most people do not always love my answer: “You need to eat and breathe this stuff to stay on top of it.”

Here are some resources and tips to staying current with changes in social media:

  1. Platform Blogs & Resources:

    keepingup-01LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more all have particular pages or blogs that share with their users the updates they have or plan to roll out. Facebook has a Facebook page, LinkedIn has a blog, you can follow Twitter, and Google has pages for each platform they support.

  2. Specialized Publications:

    keepingup-02One of the best ways to stay on top of social media is to read the publications that specialize in keeping up. Publications such as Mashable, eMarketer, ClickZ, WebPro News and Social Media Examiner are just a few of my personal favorites. Read them like your daily news and follow them on the platforms you use most.

  3. Identify Influencers:

    keepingup-03We all have someone we turn to for advice in business, a favorite journalist or businessperson. Identify influencers you connect with, someone who’s going to explain the tools and how to leverage them for your business. You may even find that some of the influencers you connect with write for some of the specialized publications above. Follow them on your favorite social platform or sign-up for their e-newsletters.

  4. Set-up Alerts:

    keepingup-04Sometimes an alert can be the best way to get notified. I use Google Alerts or Social Mention Alerts to receive updates on recent news on the social media landscape. The alerts may notify you about small releases or big news updates.

You need to think of social media like your core business; if you want to be in the know, you need to stay informed. For this reason, many people outsource their social media. However, if you truly want to do it yourself be sure that you focus on the platforms you’re most passionate about. You can stay up to date on social media if you treat it like any other education. You never stop learning!

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