5 New Features You Need To Know on YouTube


Google seems to be rolling out more and more updates lately as it ties things into Google+. Here are the latest changes that you should take note of and update if you have a YouTube account and channel.

Channel Cover:


The new cover was designed for a responsive world. Google asks users to upload an image of the size 2560 x 1440 to allow the image to resize across multiple platforms. This will ensure that you look good on mobile, tablets and desktops.

Cover Links:

Your cover gives you the ability to link to your website, or more than one website if you choose. The cover also allows you to add up to four social media links: Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and more. I was surprised one of my favorite social platforms was missing – LinkedIn. Currently, it is not a choice under the social platforms.

Channel Trailer:

Taking a Hollywood approach to the channel, YouTube provides you with an option to add a channel trailer. This is the video your non-subscribers will see when they land on your channel.


You can now create playlists for your audience and for you. This is a fabulous feature for organizing your videos. For example, I have two playlists on my channel: one from a presentation I gave in NYC, Understanding Social & Mobile and the other features Facebook How-To’s. Use playlists as way to organize your content and promote an entire series of videos.


You can further organize your channel with sections. You can group videos together by tags, likes, newest and more. You decide what you prefer.

YouTube has also provided a channel set-up checklist that you can go through to see what you may have missed. If you have videos on YouTube take some time to update your channel and get the most of what it has to offer. Please stop by my channel and subscribe.

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