The 5 PR Essentials Every Small Business Needs


Having your business written about in the newspaper, magazines or online, or featured on a popular TV or radio show is the one of the most powerful ways to boost your company’s visibility and generate sales. With that in mind, you’ll want to be sure you have these 5 PR essentials in your marketing arsenal:

  1. Compelling Press Releases:

    The media is not going to spontaneously decide to write about your business. You need to give them a reason to commit the time, resources and space to telling a story about your company. The best way to begin this process is by crafting a compelling press release and distributing to the appropriate media. The appropriate media can include your local newspaper, television, and radio stations. It can also include websites and social media platforms that focus on your industry, region, or customer base. Not sure what you could write a press release about? Al Lautenslager wrote a great list of 30 Reasons to Write a Press Release for Entrepreneur magazine that’s a great starting point.

  2. Photos:

    You already know how important strong, emotionally compelling images are on your website and social media. They’re also incredibly important to the newspapers, magazines, and websites that want to write about your business. Stories that have images are read more frequently than stories that don’t. Most media outlets don’t have the budget for photographers. Make sure your company looks great by having photos available for PR use. The following types of images are the most popular:

    • Pictures of the front of your business – especially if something fun is going on
    • Pictures of the owners & employees. Smiling action shots are always better than posed headshots; it’s best practice to have both available.
    • Pictures of your most popular products or services.
  3. Your Business Bio:

    A business bio should include the name of your business, where you’re located, and what products or services you provide. Additional information that’s nice to have includes how long you’ve been in business, the size of your company, and any other factors that make your business unique and noteworthy. If you’ve won any awards, mention them now. Your bio should be concise: ideally, no longer than a single paragraph.

  4. Correct Contact Information:

    Make it easy for the media to get in touch with you. Every press release should include a working phone number, email address, and potentially your Twitter handle. Additionally, you need correct contact information on your website and social media platforms – this is where the press will look for them. If the phone number is disconnected or emails go unanswered, the reporter will not keep trying to reach you. They will move on to another, more accessible business to write about!

  5. Responsiveness to Media Requests:

    Any time the media reaches out to you with inquiries about your business, you’ll want to respond promptly and professionally. Many times, reporters are working on very short deadlines. If you do not respond to their inquiries quickly, you may miss the opportunity to be included in the story. Streamline the process by putting the most often requested information (photos and business bio) on your website on a media or press page.

Need Help Putting Everything Together?

Creating and implementing an effective media strategy can be a full time job. That’s great news if you don’t actually have a company to run – but in case you don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to make it happen, let us help you. Our world class marketing team will help you capture the media’s attention and capitalize on every appearance. Schedule your free consultation today!

The 5 PR Essentials Every Small Business Needs
Article Name
The 5 PR Essentials Every Small Business Needs
The likelihood of media covering your business out of the blue is slim, but getting featured is easy when you have these 5 essentials.

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