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5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Food Truck Vendors


It’s the eve of the Vendy Awards! Every year this prestigious award is given to the best street food vendors in 5 cities. As a certified foodie, let me assure you that New York has some of the best street food in the nation. I’ve had amazing meals from NYC food trucks – as far as I’m concerned, they’re all winners!

To celebrate the Vendys, and to give back to all the food truck vendors out there, I’d like to share the 5 social media marketing tips you need to know. Food Truck lovers are very social people. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine as a way to enhance their enjoyment of their experience. You’ve seen your customers taking pictures of their food, themselves, and your truck. By being strategic, you can make the most of their enthusiasm.

Also, Food Truck lovers depend on social media to follow their favorite trucks. We want to know where you are and when. This means Food Truck Vendors need to be more socially active than other businesses.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Food Truck Vendors
  • Tip 1: Send Out Schedules:

    Where are you going to be today? What’s today’s special treat? These are the questions your most loyal, enthusiastic customers want the answers to. Post a daily schedule on your Facebook page in the morning, before lunch and an hour before you leave your location. Scheduling your social media posts can be a great way to stay connected without getting overwhelmed.

  • Tip 2: What’s Your HashTag?

    Create your own hashtag and put a sign on your truck ask people to Tweet You, Instagram You, Vine You and Facebook You. You could have your hashtag on your napkins, bags, or even staff t-shirts. Be sure you set-up a stream in your social monitoring app to follow the tags and reply at night when you’re not so busy. Make sure to share your favorite Tweets with your followers!

  • Tip 3: Sneak Peeks & Exclusive Content:

    Exclusivity is a great tool for Food Truck vendors. Don’t give discounts – give access! Tell people as they come to your truck to make sure they follow you for exclusives. Make something special – proven customer favorite items work best! – and sell it only during certain hours. Ask people to share their experience in the moment. Take this idea to another level by ramping things up the night before with posts of photos of what you’re making and get people excited to see you the next day. Remember the Cronut craze? Same idea!

  • Tip 4: Spotlight Your Fans:

    Your customers love to take photos of your treats. It’s time to turn the cameras around! You know who your regulars are, so why not ask them if you can spotlight them? Pull out your phone and do a quick 15 second Instagram video and share it – everywhere. Be sure you get your customers’ information and permission to tag them.

  • Tip 5: Give Back:

    Use your social media presence to share information about the neighborhoods you visit or companies you’re parked outside of. Make it clear you’re part of the community. People love to connect with local businesses – and they can’t resist being part of the greater good. Be a giver: it will bring you more and more customers and it shows you care about the community.

    Here’s a fun idea, take it to the next level and ask people to bring you a colored ribbon to support the charity of your choice. For every ribbon you receive, donate a set amount (whatever’s smart for your budget!) to the cause. When your customers give you a ribbon, take their picture (make sure to get permission!) so you can showcase their generosity on social media. These are pictures that your customers will share – thereby introducing all of their colleagues and friends to the awesomeness of your Food Truck.

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