The 8 Steps in Joining a New Social Network


We tend to discuss social media from the small business standpoint, but we get just as excited about joining these platforms as users as well. Each time a new one is introduced, we go through a process, from first learning about it to full blown obsession. And since words alone cannot convey the roller coaster of emotions we go through, we’ve found some of the most expressive dogs on the web to help us explain!

1. You first hear about this new platform and you’re intrigued.

2. All your friends are joining, but you’re still a little hesitant.

3. Finally, you decide to face this new platform head on and sign up for an account

4. At first you’re careful, just browsing around the platform, taking baby steps.

5. Soon, you begin following your favorite brands and celebrities and making friends with other users

6. Before you know it, you’re posting regularly, checking the social network on your computer and phone each chance you get and all but forgetting about those other social media sites you used to use.

7. Eventually you realize that it’s a balancing act. Your other social platforms – and you know, your job and family – deserve your attention too.

8. Until the next new thing comes out, then the process begins all over again.

How does this stack up against the stages you go through when joining a new social network? Let us know if there are any steps you would add or change in the comments below.

The 8 Steps in Joining a New Social Network
Article Name
The 8 Steps in Joining a New Social Network
Joining a new social media network can be quite the roller coaster ride. To help explain the process, we've enlisted the help of some of the most expressive pups on the internet!

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