A Recipe for Memorial Day Weekend Success


Ahh… it’s Friday morning and the long weekend will be upon us in a few short hours. Take this weekend to relax, refresh and return to the office on Tuesday recharged. Below is our recipe for a perfect Memorial Day Weekend.

2 Parts Relaxation

Along weekend allows you a few more precious hours of relaxation. Get your errands and chores out of the way on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and spend the rest of the weekend doing those things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time to get around to. Read the bestseller that’s been on your book list for ages, go see the latest blockbuster hit, or catch up on those episodes of Game of Thrones that you’ve missed. Not only are you sure to be entertained, you may also be inspired. Ideas for a meme, blogs, ads and other marketing materials can come from anywhere! If inspiration should strike, jot your notes down or leave a memo on your phone, but DON’T start working on these projects. You’ve got the whole week ahead to work on these brilliant ideas.

1 Part Socialization

Now generally when we tell our clients to get social, we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or some other social media, but this time we mean good old fashioned socialization. Hit or host a Memorial Day picnic or barbeque. Enjoy some good food and great company. You’ve been working hard; you deserve it! The social media can wait until Tuesday (and you can schedule a few strategic posts before you leave the office today).

1 Part Documentation

Take this opportunity to capture these precious memories. It’s easier now than ever to snap photos of you and your friends, as we all have cameras in our pockets thanks to smartphones. Spending some time with your team outside of office hours, be sure to take plenty of pictures. This will give you some excellent content to share on your social pages on Tuesday. These photos will resonate with your customers and give them more insight into your brand personality and company culture. Just be sure that you keep any inappropriate pictures off the web. We all like to have fun, but showing your team having a little too much fun can have an adverse effect on your business.

Follow our Memorial Day Weekend recipe for success and you’re sure to have a blast and return to the office on Tuesday recharged, armed with exciting new ideas, captivating photos for social media, and ready to tackle your projects with fresh eyes.

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