data highlighter

Adding Highlighted Data to Your Website


Have you ever searched for something on Google and found that some results look different than others? Some of the items have reviews or images showing up in the search results. Your eye goes right to those results and you take a second to see if that is the site you were interested in as a user.

As a business owner, you are wondering, “How did they do that? How can I do that with my results?” This feature is known as structured data or schema. Some companies have done this on their websites with the use of code or a plugin. However, now Google has made it easy for anyone to create structured data with their tool called Data Highlighter. You can find this feature in your Google Webmaster account.

The data highlighter allows you to add the necessary information to content on your website so that your results show in a different layout.

The breakdowns for highlighting test are:
Articles Events
Local Businesses Movies
Products Restaurants
Software Applications TV Episodes

Here is a video to guide you through creating highlighted data for your website.

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