Are You Talking To Your Vendors Enough?


Jewelry retailers tend to be a very independent bunch of people. They try to do everything on their own However, the vendors and designers you work with can have a vital role to play in helping you sell more jewelry. Sometimes vendors aren’t as proactive as they should be about reaching out to you; you’re going to have to start the conversation.

Here are five times when you should be reaching out to your vendors:

  1. When you need marketing materials for your website or social media presence

    Brands often have extensive collections of product images, descriptive copy, and even video available for the use of their partner retailers. Discovering what’s available to you can save your team lots of time and energy spent creating content.

  2. When you are holding a contest or special event.

    Prizes and giveaways are powerful tools to attract customer attention. However, when you’re in the jewelry business, those freebies can get expensive FAST. Reach out to your vendors on a regular basis to inquire what items they can either donate or sell you at a very reduced cost for promotional purposes. If the event or giveaway is featuring their brand predominantly or even exclusively, you’re likely to get greater cooperation.

  3. To learn how other retailers are selling the brand

    Everybody wants to sell more jewelry. Talk to your vendors about how their other partner retailers promote the brand. Some brands are more controlling than others; it is among the brands that allow their partner retailers the greatest amount of latitude in promotions that you’ll find the most creative sales, events, and messaging concepts.

  4. When sales are starting to get sluggish

    If a brand that’s been doing well for you has started to taper off, reach out to your rep to see what’s new and exciting. Refreshing your inventory, updating marketing materials, and otherwise putting the focus back on the brand can kick start sluggish sales – and the brand should be supporting you in making this happen.

  5. When there’s a problem

    In a perfect world, every piece of jewelry we sell would be flawless in every way. However, sometimes issues do arise – and sometimes these issues are only discovered after the customer has purchased the item. Reach out to your vendor to facilitate a rapid resolution to the problem, as well as discovering what steps need to be taken to avoid any future disappointments.

Are You Talking To Your Vendors Enough?
Article Name
Are You Talking To Your Vendors Enough?
Your vendors are there to help you sell as much of their jewelry as possible. Here are 5 instances in which you need to reach out to them for support.

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