Available Today: #SmallBizLady’s New Book!


Melinda Emerson has definitely been a ground-breaker in the world of social media marketing. If you’re active on Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen #SmallBizChat, the wildly popular, long running live chat that she runs. More than 3 million people receive Melinda’s entrepreneurial advice each week, learning from her experience and positive attitude. Personally, I love her catchphrase: You never lose in business – you either win or you learn.

Today Melinda’s new book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, is finally available. To have the first two chapters of the book emailed to you, go here.

If you’re thinking about starting your own company, you’ll find tons of practical, valuable advice here. Melinda’s very realistic about the challenges today’s entrepreneurs face – and equally realistic about the fact that these challenges can be overcome if you’re smart, strategic and are willing to work hard.

I think this book will be especially valuable to people who are starting a second career, either after retirement or due to changes in the job market. There’s an entire section on transitioning from employement to being your own boss that’s hugely important. Another big issue when you’re starting your own company is securing the capital to make it happen: Melinda tackles this head on with a look at crowdfunding – an exciting tool that can enable entrepreneurs to transform enthusiasm into action.

Finally, if you’re already a fan of #SmallBizLady, you’ll appreciate this opportunity to win a VIP Coaching Day with her in Philadelphia. Melinda’s running a great YouTube video contest, where you can share your experiences & win. Find out more details here.

Available Today: #SmallBizLady’s New Book!
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Available Today: #SmallBizLady’s New Book!
Melinda Emerson, aka Small Business lady, has a new book available that's essential for those who've recently launched their own business as a second career.

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