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In a recent article on Forbes.com, a study sites that LinkedIn is the preferred social media outlet for executives. The article further explained that executives admit to using the tool an average of about an hour per week, with the majority declaring that they use social media each day.

Many of us have acknowledged that LinkedIn has always been the “Go To” social network for business to business, but now more than ever is the time for you to create a plan for a presence on this social platform.

Create and Manage a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has always provided a section for companies and in the past year this tool has been enhanced dramatically to help companies establish and maintain more of a presence. Creating a page for your company will give you a place for your business to build your brand, list your products and/or services, and post updates about your organization. Company pages also provide individuals who are reviewing your organization the tools to stay connected. People can follow your page so your updates will be in their newsfeeds and the page also gives users a way to see your team members all together.

Create a LinkedIn Company Policy

Your people are your best asset and when you run a service business, your team members are reviewed and evaluated through the consideration process. Begin by outlining a company policy for your team members. Remember that their LinkedIn profiles belong to them, but having a policy in place will help everyone understand what is expected. Provide support to your staff from a member of your marketing team or engage an outside consultant to help write updated summary statements and current job descriptions. Be sure that your team members are properly connected to your company page.

Of the executives who use LinkedIn, 90% have said it has been helpful for business and 80% have said it has been a good use of their time. Be sure that your company continues to support that by creating and keeping up your LinkedIn presence.

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