Back to School for Small Business Owners


It’s that time of year again. Backpacks have been filled with supplies, classrooms have been decorated, and buses are – or soon will be – making their rounds in the neighborhood each morning to pick up the kids for school. But students are the only ones who have a lot to learn this fall. Business owners, take some time this fall to educate yourself on strategies that can help you boost sales and improve customer relations. Here are 5 things you can do to get in the know:

  • Research Changes in Social Media Platforms:

    Social media sites change constantly. What was working for you on Facebook in January, or even June, may no longer be a viable strategy. For instance, many business owners use contests to boost their like counts. However, Facebook has announced that this type of like-gating will no longer be allowed. But how can you keep up with all of these changes? It’s easy – Check our blog frequently for articles on the most recent changes and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ for more news!

  • Read Up on Responsive Design:

    If you haven’t redesigned your site in the last two years, now is the time to seriously consider a responsive redesign. It is projected that 29% of all ecommerce sales this year will come from mobile or tablet users. Investing in a responsive site (rather than a separate mobile site) ensures not only less work for you, but also a more consistent experience for your customers.

  • Study How to Attract More Local Business:

    You’ve got your loyal customers and those who happen upon you, but are you really doing all that you can to attract all the potential customers in your local market? From tweaking strategies that you already have in place, such as social media, to reaching out to other local businesses and organizations, there are a number of little things you can do that will make a big difference in terms of garnering local business.

  • Take a Web Class: Web classes are a great way to learn about a new marketing strategy, business tool, or any other subject that interests you. For instance, learn how mobile can help you keep running your businesses during an outage in the webinar “Defeating Downtime: How Mobile Keeps Your Business Open,” led by our own Tech Therapist, Jennifer Shaheen.
  • See What Your Customers Are Saying About You:

    When was the last time you checked your Yelp or Google+ reviews? These platforms provide valuable feedback that will allow you to learn your company’s weak spots, as well as what your customers love about you. It’s essential to know both as you look to make business decisions for the fall. For example, a restaurateur should check his reviews before revamping the menu for autumn. The most raved about dishes should be carried over – given that fresh ingredients can still be procured.

No matter what you decide to learn this fall, be sure to make a commitment to further education. Not only can it help you add dollar signs to your bottom line, gaining knowledge is fulfilling in and of itself! What do you plan to study up on this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

Back to School for Small Business Owners
Article Name
Back to School for Small Business Owners
Going back to school isn't just for the kids this fall. Small business owners should take some time to brush up on their marketing tactics and learn some new tricks!

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