Backend Full Stack: Team Leader & Problem Solver

This position is for our new company kepler12.

We’re a spirited new development firm looking for a backend full stack developer who can jump into the maze and find multiple solutions and ways to solve problems.

For the past 18 months our firm has been building a proprietary platform built with the following: Node, Vue, VueX, Vue-Router, GraphQL, Vue-Apollo, Apollo, Postgress, PostGraphile, Tailwind, Webpack and a few more.

The problem is now it’s slow, over developed and bloated. It’s time for us to breaking it apart into some modular components that are reusable for a more efficient JAMstack build structure. If this sounds like a fun project – you may be what we are looking for.

If you’re someone who:
• Has a positive attitude and outlook on life
• Can look at a problem from different points and see multiple ways through
• Gets excited about pulling code apart or detangling components
• Can identify areas of project that are usable, stable and don’t need to be rebuilt
• Inspires others to see things in new ways and coaches them to success
• Clearly articulates a process and can document for future team members to follow

Skills you’ll need to excel at this position:
• Node
• Javascript
• GraphQL
• frontend frameworks (i.e React, Vue)
• Database experience: SQL and / or Postgress

Apply for position via or email