Be A Better Business Blogger: External Links


Do you blog for your business? Do you sometimes talk about – and link to – items you’ve seen on other websites, such as news articles, funny videos, or infographics?

Then I need you to repeat after me:

External links should open in new windows.

External links should open in new windows.

External links should open in new windows.

Just so we’re all clear: external links should open in new windows. This means that when your reader clicks on a link in your blog window, that link tells the browser to open a new window on the user’s computer or mobile device to display the linked content – leaving your blog entry still open and easily accessible to your reader!

Why Is It Important That External Links Open In New Windows?

The typical American attention span is just 8 seconds. It’s like Reader Rodeo – can you create content that’s interesting enough, compelling enough, just plain good enough – to keep your blog visitor on your page for the full 8 seconds? Or – hope springs eternal! – possibly even more?

The longer our blog readers stay on our business blogs, the stronger and more profitable our relationship with them becomes. You don’t want to give your readers easy opportunities to leave your blog and never return.

When readers click on a link in your blog entry, and that content occupies the currently open browser window, it’s game over for your blog entry.

Remember that 8 second attention span? In the time it takes to blink your eyes twice, your blog reader has completely forgotten they’ve read your blog. They’ve moved onto something else.

Having external links open in new windows increases the likelihood that your blog reader will remain engaged with your content and your business!

Making Sure Your External Links Open In New Windows

Making sure your external links open in new windows is very simple. On the majority of blogging platforms, clicking the Insert Link button will open a window on your computer that prompts you to enter the web address you’d like to link to and the copy to associate with the link. This same window will ask you if you want the link to appear in a new window. Check yes, and you’re good to go!

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