Beat the Blogging Blues: How to Think of Fresh Blog Topics


We all know that blogging for our business is important. Getting fresh, optimized content up on a regular basis has been proven to improve Google search rankings. Frequent and quality content creation has become even more essential since the Panda Update. Furthermore, updating our blogs continually also keeps clients and prospects interested and get’s them to take the next step. But how do we think of new and exciting topics to discuss each week?

Our first strategy is stockpiling. You know those times when you’re out on weekend, on vacation, or just relaxing in front of the TV and all of a sudden you have a thought that would make a great blog topic? Write those down! Keep a log of all of these ideas in your phone. This strategy ensures that you don’t forget them. Then all you have to do is pick one each week and run with it.

But what do you do if your stockpile has run dry? Sometimes we run through our list of brilliant blog topics and simply can’t think of any new ones. Then the stress of our impending blog deadline just adds to our writer’s block.

What should we do in this situation? Start by taking a deep breath. Then move on to another task or get up and walk around for a bit. “But I need to get this done right away,” you may say. Yes, but staring at a blank screen isn’t going to help anyone. A change of topic or scenery just may spark some think inside your mind that would be perfect for a blog post.

Still can’t think of anything after taking a break?

Try one of these three tips:

  • Write a Follow Up Post – Look back on your old blog posts. Are there any updates to one of your prior topics? Is there anything that you could expand on? Simply scanning your archives can get the creative juices flowing!
  • Read the Headlines – Pay attention to what’s going on in local and national media. What’s happening in your industry? Are there any emerging trends or technological advances? Even if the news stories do not relate directly to your business, you can comment on them and relate the key take-aways back to your brand and audience. Last week, we did just that by reacting to a recent story regarding All-State Insurance.
  • Follow the Calendar – You’re industry likely experiences seasonal patterns. Discussions of these patterns can make great blog posts. In fact, if you’re ambitious, you can get three blog posts out of every season: write one post at the beginning of the season to build anticipation; one mid-season post highlighting the best of the current offerings, and one farewell-to-the-season post that urges customers to come in and see what you’ve got before it’s too late! Following the calendar can also mean relating your blog to the weather. For example, if you own a restaurant, tell your customers to come and warm up in the winter with a comforting bowl of soup or hearty pasta dishes.

Still having a tough time coming up with creative and quality blog ideas, or simply too busy to write them? Contact us! Our copy writers will help you analyze your posting strategy, develop novel topics and craft read-worthy articles.

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