Best Practices: Building a Better LinkedIn Profile


While creating an effective LinkedIn company page is important, one can argue that supporting your business by cultivating your own personal LinkedIn profile is even more crucial. On LinkedIn, you are the face of your company and personal profiles allow you to take advantage of features that pages don’t have access to, such as Groups and Endorsements. In order to make the most of this platform, you must optimize your profile. Let’s review our best practices for building a better LinkedIn profile.

  • Current Photo:

    You’re LinkedIn photo should be a professional representation of your current self, not some poorly lit photo of you from a friends party. Photos of you and your child or pet are fine for Facebook, but on LinkedIn it sends the wrong message. You want colleagues, clients and other connections who’ve met you in real life to recognize you on LinkedIn. We also want to point out it should be a picture of you and not a company logo: save those for the company page.

  • Complete Profile:

    The next step is filling out every section that LinkedIn provides. A robust profile is much more impressive than one that merely provides the bare minimum. There are opportunities to connect and grow a relationship when people read your summary, review your education and interests.

  • Status Updates:

    42% of LinkedIn members update their profiles regularly. Yes, this means you should keep all of the information you provide on your profile up to date. But it also means that you should share relevant articles from industry media sources, comment on current trends and so on. Your updates allow you to be seen by your connections and stay in their mind for when they may need you or your organization.

  • Skills Matter:

    With a standard LinkedIn Profile you are allowed to list 50 skills that you possess, so take advantage of it! You may have noticed these as Endorsements. Other users can search LinkedIn based on skills to find individuals who have the expertise and experience they need. Make sure that you’re found by filling up your skills section.

  • Enhance Your Profile:

    LinkedIn now allows you to add videos, images, and documents to show off your projects. This lets you put your money where your mouth is, serving as tangible proof that backs up the skills that you possess.

These are just a few tips to help you put your best foot forward on LinkedIn. It all boils down to three C’s: Complete, Current and Consistent. Make sure that your profile is complete, the information you provide and your posts are current, and your skills and other items are consistent with your actual experience.

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