Bigger is Better – At Least Where Images Are Concerned!


One thing you’ll notice about the Technology Therapy blog – not to mention all the work we do for our clients on their websites and social media – is the presence of large, dynamic, eye-grabbing images. There’s a reason for that, and I have to say I’m thrilled to see those reasons eloquently spelled out in Tom Humbarger’s article, “Get 400% More from Your LinkedIn Company Page.”

While Humbarger’s article is focused on LinkedIn, the truth is that larger images work well on every social media platform. You have to remember that your customers are almost always viewing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest on a smartphone or tablet, where smaller screen sizes force the eye to focus on imagery rather than teeny-tiny text.

Larger Images Get More Interaction

Humbarger’s research shows us he got 105% more interaction on a post that used a big image than the same exact post with a smaller version of the same exact image. That’s impressive – and entirely within your control! Every time you’re posting images to social media, you want them to be large enough to capture the viewer’s attention.

Custom Images Create Engagement

Another factor that we have found to be very important is the fact that images are custom. If your customers are on social media frequently (and they are!) the chances that they’ve run across the best, most popular stock images before. Being presented with the same image time and time again causes the viewer to tune it out; it’s just more visual noise in an already cluttered environment.

Custom images, by their very nature, haven’t been seen by anyone before. They’re novel and unique. That captures the attention and can create curiosity: what’s the story that goes with this attention grabbing picture?

The Marketing Sweet Spot: Large, Custom Imagesteam of world-class designers will be more than happy to help you out.

Bigger is Better – At Least Where Images Are Concerned!
Article Name
Bigger is Better – At Least Where Images Are Concerned!
By now it's common practice to use images on social media whenever possible, but remember that this is a situation where size matters.

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