Bolster Your Social Media for Black Friday


Black Friday is now just a week away, but it’s not too late to promote your sale via social media! It can be tough for small businesses to compete with the door busting deals the big brands roll out for the biggest shopping day of the year – opening at the crack of dawn, or even on Thanksgiving! But with cleverly crafted social media campaigns, small businesses can lure shoppers in. Here are our top tips for bolstering your social media for Black Friday:

  • Truly Offer the Best Deals of the Year:

    The reason shoppers brave the crowds on Black Friday is to get products at the lowest possible price. They perceive that these deals are to be had at the large national chains – since that’s the message they are putting out there! Follow suit by offering your lowest prices of the year. Choose a small selection of products to deeply discount and be sure to promote them, along with how much customers will save!

  • Create Short “Gift Guides”:

    Using a photo editing application, put together a few quick gift guides with 3 – 6 products each. Create these photos with themes like “Gifts for Her,” “Gifts for Dad,” and “Gifts Under $50.” Customers value these suggestions and the images are highly sharable. Be sure to make a note of any special Black Friday pricing on these guides as well!

  • Consider Your Messaging:

    Take your location, hours, deals, and any extras into considerations when you craft your messaging. Are you in the mall? Play off the “you’re already here, why not stop by and say hi” angle. Is your store a stand-alone in a more remote location? Use messaging that suggests customers “Take a Break from the Crowds.” If you’re staying open late on Black Friday, something suggesting that customers go home for a recuperating nap and some leftover turkey before they join you for round two is a fun message they can really connect to.

  • Create a Hashtag:

    As with any event, you should create a Hashtag, whether it’s straight forward like #YourCompanyBF or something more playful like #LaidbackBlackFriday for stores that are a little more off the beaten path. Be sure to promote the hashtag in your store and ask your customers to use it when they post pictures of their hauls!

  • Have Treats on Hand:

    A hot chocolate bar, cookies, and other snacks can go a long way on busy days like Black Friday. Your customers are likely to be so focused on scoring their goodies that they forget to eat – and even if they don’t these little touches provide the human touch that sets the small business shopping experience apart! Don’t forget to share pictures of your spread too!

Don’t Forget Small Business Saturday!

The benefit of being a small business is being able to participate in both Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Be sure to extend your Black Friday deals through Small Business Saturday, or better yet, plan an entirely new promotion!

Bolster Your Social Media for Black Friday
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Bolster Your Social Media for Black Friday
Compete with the big brands on Black Friday with these winning social media strategies.

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