Boost Your Social Media Presence with Rebel Mouse


A little over a year ago Paul Berry, former Huffington Post CTO introduced RebelMouse, a site that streamlines your social media into a single “homepage.” The site now boasts 5 million unique visitors per month and over 300,000 sites created by users.

What is RebelMouse?

RebelMouse is a site that gives users the ability to create a “Social Homepage,” with all of their relevant social platforms feeding into one centralized location. Currently the site allows users to connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, StockTwits, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr and Pinterest. Berry calls this type of stream “Social Publishing,” as it is both a social and publishing platform. RebelMouse offers a free membership level, as well as a paid service that gives users the ability to create socially integrated websites with personalized domains and limited navigation.

What RebelMouse Isn’t

RebelMouse is NOT a replacement for a traditional business website. Yes, the site does allow for you to create a centralized web presence, curating the content that you are already publishing on various social platforms and presenting it all in one place. Berry’s envisioned RebelMouse “opening up” the web, giving access to people or companies that find traditional content management systems to be too difficult or expensive. He has even made his platform trackable, with integrated Google Analytics. Still, it is by no means an excuse to forgo a traditional website in favor of a social home feed. A website offers structure and usability that a social stream such as RebelMouse cannot provide.

Benefits of Using RebelMouse

That being said, this doesn’t mean that RebelMouse is not a valuable digital marketing tool. Below we’ve outlined the top benefits of using this platform.

  • Centralization:

    RebelMouse gives your fans who are truly interested in what your company is up to the chance to see all of your content in a central location.

  • Web Presence Support:

    When it comes to the web, increasing your presence across trustworthy sites is always a good idea, giving more users the chance to find you both on the site itself and through search engines.

  • Social Monitoring and Curating:

    This site allows you to assess your social presence at a glance. By funneling all of your content into one platform, you will easily identify trends and holes in your social content. You’ll be able to edit and delete posts as you see fit, meaning that your RebelMouse will represent the social reputation that you’d like to create and help you maintain it.

  • Website Integration:

    While there are limitations when launching a social website through the RebelMouse platform, working with your web development team to integrate RebelMouse with your existing website or building a new custom website with RebelMouse integration gives you the best of both worlds. With this strategy, you’ll take advantage of the flexibility and usability of a custom built website, along with the expertise of your web team in capacities such as design, choosing your navigation items, writing search engine friendly copy, creating calls to action and more. But you will also allow your site visitors to see what they can expect from your company on social media at a glance – without leaving your website.

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