Are You Bothered By Your Bounce Rate? 3 Things You Need To Know


Any fan of Technology Therapy Group knows we’re passionate about metrics. Measuring how customers behave on your website and social media is so important, and understanding the way users navigate through your digital presence can result in increased sales and greater profitability.
One of the metrics we talk about, and that many, many people get stressed out about, is the bounce rate. A bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting a certain page. People see the bounce rate number, and aren’t sure what it means, and get freaked out. If this is you, keep reading. There’s 3 things you need to know:

  1. Bounce Rate Benchmarks

    If your bounce rate percentage is between 30 and 70%, you’re in keeping with the majority of websites. Anything under 30% is super excellent; anything over 70% is cause for concern and you need to take corrective action. Bear in mind that different types of websites have different typical average bounce rates. For a retail site, you can expect to see numbers between 20-40%; content heavy websites between 40-60%, and blogs can have average bounce rates as high as 98%.

  2. Page Load Times Are Very Important

    If you’re not happy with your bounce rate, the first thing you want to test is the page load speed. Slow loading pages are a primary driver of bounce rates: the slower the page, the higher the bounce rate will be. Self-loading multi-media content, such as videos or animated graphics, can cause unacceptable page load times. If this is an issue for your site, talk to your developer to see what can be done to improve matters.

  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Reorganize & Revamp Your Content

    If your page load speeds are okay, take a critical look at your content. Sometimes, simply creating better headlines and changing the page organization to give visitors a clear path to another portion of your website is all that is needed to bring that bounce rate down.

Are You Bothered By Your Bounce Rate? 3 Things You Need To Know
Article Name
Are You Bothered By Your Bounce Rate? 3 Things You Need To Know
If you're concerned about your website's bounce rates, consider these three factors before making any adjustments.

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