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Do You Know What Your Business REALLY needs?


Specializing in digital marketing here at Technology Therapy Group means that we spend time focusing on building your business through online tools. But the biggest challenge we face with clients is a lack of direction and clarity in their business and markets. What Your Business REALLY Needs = A Plan We have all heard the… Continue Reading »

Lessons from the Super Bowl: Leveraging Local Tools for Small Business Success


Millions of people sat down last night to watch the biggest football game of the year. While some of us have looked forward to the event for the actual game, others simply couldn’t wait to be entertained with the latest batch of Super Bowl Ads. We have to admit, we had a vested interest in… Continue Reading »

Beat the Blogging Blues: How to Think of Fresh Blog Topics


We all know that blogging for our business is important. Getting fresh, optimized content up on a regular basis has been proven to improve Google search rankings. Frequent and quality content creation has become even more essential since the Panda Update. Furthermore, updating our blogs continually also keeps clients and prospects interested and get’s them… Continue Reading »