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Abandoned Shopping Cart Rates Rise – And We’re Responsible


I shop for everything online: clothes, jewelry, tires, travel, and furniture. I don’t just shop — I buy too! Recently, I was shopping for a mattress; mine is in need of replacing. I decided to buy online because the ones I have tried in the stores did not turn out all that great, whereas the last one… Continue Reading »


Snapchat is Getting Ready to be Your Next Sales Channel


This year, Snapchat turns five years old. If the platform was a person, it would be the age of a kindergartner – a time of serious change and maturation in any child’s life. And in fact, Snapchat is getting ready for some big changes. Earlier this month, Snapchat announced it is working on an API… Continue Reading »


Rose Quartz & Serenity Chosen as Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016


One of the best practices we recommend to our jewelry retailer clientele is the creation of an annual marketing calendar. Sketching out, in advance, the 6-8 major promotional pushes you’ll be making in the weeks, months, and seasons to come can help you boost your store’s overall profitability: not only will you make buying decisions… Continue Reading »


Mobile: Making The Holidays Merrier for Retailers


The holiday crunch season is officially here. Make sure you’re paying plenty of attention to your mobile messaging. Target recently reported, via Think With Google, that more than 75% of all of their customer’s shopping experiences begin on a mobile device. While that number may be on the high side due to Target’s size and… Continue Reading »