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Social Media Ad Options Increasing: Facebook & Pinterest Make Big Changes


Social media advertising has grown at an exponential rate, with different platforms racing each other to introduce new features, targeting tools, in-platform purchasing options and more. There’s a reason for this. While it’s possible to connect with your customers on social media relying solely on the content you post and organic engagement, it’s incredibly difficult… Continue Reading »

Coordinate with Your Local Partners to Promote Events on Social Media


Community is hugely important to many of the retailers and other small businesses we work with. They’re deeply involved in efforts to help area schools, charitable organizations and other causes. These efforts are personally meaningful, but they also make good business sense: many customers prefer to do business with those companies they feel are helping… Continue Reading »



Hashtags are over, have you heard? Brand after brand after brand has tried and failed to capture the public’s interest with unique hashtags; since that hasn’t worked, we’re told, it’s time to abandon the humble hashtag. But what if the hashtag’s not dead? Perhaps the hashtag is simply misunderstood. Rather than trying to create one’s… Continue Reading »