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Slow Movers on the Mobile Movement: Is it Time to Join?


Constant Contact recently surveyed small business owners regarding the use of mobile marketing techniques and a surprising 34% stated that they were not currently using any mobile technologies for their business. Even more astonishing: 65% of these businesses do not plan on developing a mobile strategy in the future. Let’s take a look at the… Continue Reading »

Do You Need a Digital Detox?


The Digital Detox, California based retreat center, has created a nostalgic getaway for adults. Camp Grounded is a “Summer Camp for Adults” where attendees trade in their cell phones, tablets, and computers for an, “off-the-grid weekend of pure unadulterated fun.” In fact, even talking about work is forbidden on this tech-free escape. The good news… Continue Reading »

DIY Video Marketing Tools You Can Use


Last week we discussed putting Video Marketing on Your Radar and our top three tips for getting started. Remember to follow these steps for a successful project. Today let’s look at some tools you can use to create videos on your own. Go Animate: This is an online tool that allows you to use characters… Continue Reading »