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Creating Traditionally Face to Face Interactions in Digital Spaces: The Power of Voice


As a business owner, you need to pay attention to what’s happening with voice search. Voice search is when a device user asks, rather than types, their inquiry – things like “Siri, is the florist open now?” or “Alexa, how do I get gravy stains out of a t-shirt?” Last year, Google I/O CEO Sundar… Continue Reading »

Imagine How Instant Video Can Change Customer Service


Last month, Facebook added Instant Video capabilities to their Messenger app. It’s exactly what you’d expect: you can broadcast live video specifically to the person you’re messaging. It’s very similar to Skype, which is one of Facebook’s biggest competitors in the messaging space. Retailers and other business owners should be thinking about the role instant… Continue Reading »

A blue filtered office image with the facebook logo, at symbol and a briefcase to read as "facebook at work"

Facebook at Work: Here’s What’s Coming


If LinkedIn and Facebook hooked up and had a baby, the result would be Facebook at Work: the same familiar scrolling timeline, ability to like posts, and chat functionality found in Facebook, combined with the professionals-only atmosphere of LinkedIn.  Expect Facebook at Work to arrive early in 2016. On one hand, the impending arrival of… Continue Reading »

Digital Marketing Lessons: What To Do When Your Customers Get Bent Out of Shape


Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, it makes headlines. That’s nothing new. It’s also not unusual for the legions of Apple fans to find something to complain about with their new phones – remember the complaints about poorly placed antennas that dogged the iPhone 4? That issue was resolved by fairly quickly, but we’re… Continue Reading »