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The Value of Understanding in Building Customer Relationships


Understanding is a two-way street. To run a great business, you need to understand your customers. That’s why we focus so much attention on collecting data and creating customer journey maps. It’s also really good when your customers understand your business. Storytelling is one of the tools we can use to create that understanding. Deepening… Continue Reading »

Worried About Wal-Azon?


As we move into 2018, several major retail trends are already pretty clear: the division between e-commerce and online retail will fade away as the majority of businesses adopt a blended model, offering components of both, and the industry’s largest players, namely Walmart and Amazon, will continue to grow and change, in many ways becoming… Continue Reading »

Self-Gifting: The Holiday Shopping Trend Retailers are Going to Love!


On November 11th, thousands of Chinese people celebrated Single’s Day, a holiday where people who aren’t in a committed romantic or family relationship buy themselves gifts. It’s a huge event for Chinese retailers, and I’ve heard more than a few retailers lament the fact we don’t have the same holiday here. Luckily, it turns out,… Continue Reading »