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What Does Authenticity Mean To Different Generations of Shoppers?


During a recent panel discussion Jennifer moderated during JCK Las Vegas, there was a very intense discussion of authenticity and how different generations determine when a brand is being authentic and when they’re not. It turns out that Baby Boomers view the world in a very different way than Gen Xers, and the both of… Continue Reading »

Embrace The Power of the Pop Up: Sell More By Going Where Your Customers Are


Practically every retailer has heard of the pop up shop, but what isn’t common knowledge is the fact that these temporary storefronts – some lasting only a day, while others exist for months – are well on their way to being a business essential. Shopify has declared that pop ups are here to stay, in… Continue Reading »

Subscriptions Are Sexy – But Are They Right for Your Business?


Every month, Birchbox sends out close to a million boxes filled with makeup and skin care samples to their loyal subscribers. Other industries were quick to jump on the subscription bandwagon: today, there are subscription boxes available featuring snacks, jewelry, socks, art supplies and more. Subscription boxes are only the tip of the iceberg. There… Continue Reading »