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Originality is Overrated – Really!


After the Republican National Convention, everyone’s talking about originality. High school teachers across the country took to social media to explain the ins and outs of plagiarism; both Melania and Donald Jr. have been accused of, at a minimum, borrowing key phrases from other people’s speeches. It’s clear that when it comes to content –… Continue Reading »

Is Channel Management Your Missing Stair?


Counselors and therapists often use the concept of the Missing Stair to describe problematic family or organizational dynamics – generally, there’s one person who’s create difficulties, but no one wants to address or deal with that person, so everyone changes their behavior to work around them. It’s like having a missing stair in a staircase… Continue Reading »

Instagram Is About To Get Even More Interesting: New Advertising Tools You Need To Know About


For many small business owners, Instagram is already the most important social media platform in their marketing mix. Rated as the most vital social network by more than a third of those 34 and under, Instagram can be highly successful when used as a sales tool – a fact demonstrated very well by brands like… Continue Reading »