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Abandoned Shopping Cart Rates Rise – And We’re Responsible


I shop for everything online: clothes, jewelry, tires, travel, and furniture. I don’t just shop — I buy too! Recently, I was shopping for a mattress; mine is in need of replacing. I decided to buy online because the ones I have tried in the stores did not turn out all that great, whereas the last one… Continue Reading »

Jewelers: Is Going To Your Website Like Visiting Your Store?


I’ve just gotten back from a round of at several jewelry industry conventions and I have to share a story I heard from a retailer with you. Like many jewelers, this particular retailer carries a mix of their own custom jewelry creations and several designer lines. They’ve been in business for a quite a few… Continue Reading »

5 Essential Elements Every Jeweler’s Website Must Have


The single most important thing to understand about effectively marketing jewelry is that your website is the heart of your business. It must be well-designed, engaging, and robust enough to meet your customer’s expectations. That’s not all. There are five website elements that are absolutely non-negotiable. You have to have them. Here’s what they are…. Continue Reading »