Celebrating Bring Your Dog To Work Day


Today is our dogs’ second-favorite holiday: Bring Your Dog to Work Day. (Their first favorite day is “Oops! I dropped that hot dog right off the grill” day!) Actually, every day is Bring Your Dog to Work Day at Technology Therapy Group. We just couldn’t function without their constant companionship and support. They may not code websites, write copy, or do much in the way of graphic design, but our dogs are a vital part of the Technology Therapy team.

Here’s why:



Bailey is our love bug. She’s always got a smile on her face, and if you need a cuddle after a long day, you can count on Bailey to provide that for you. Every team needs emotional support and Bailey provides that every day, no questions asked!



Jake is our cheerleader. He gets us all fired up with an enthusiastic rounds of barks every morning. Jake also thinks he’s our security guard. We’ll never, ever have to worry about the UPS driver sneaking up on us when Jake’s around!



Judy is a free spirit. She teaches us that it’s sometimes better to go with the flow, figuring out how to work around obstacles and challenges rather than keep knocking our heads against the wall. Also Judy has taught us all to capitalize on every opportunity. The first rustle of the treat bag means she’s right there, and she’s always strangely present at lunch time.


Sookie & Eli

Sookie and Eli are tiny dogs with a powerful presence. They are such comedians and partners in crime. We find ourselves laughing constantly at their antics, whether it’s wrestling over a toy or trying to trick each other into leaving a juicy bone unattended. The lift to our spirits is so essential – watching them carry on can turn a bad day into a good one.

That’s why we’re a dog friendly office. What about you?

We’d love to see pictures of your canine companions (and we’re even open to office cats, although the kitty probably shouldn’t visit us in person!)

Celebrating Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Article Name
Celebrating Bring Your Dog To Work Day
Though our canine companions join us at the office every day, we'd like to spotlight them in honor of Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

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