What Are the Components of Effective In-Store Event Promotion?


In-store events, such as author signings, trunk shows, and parties, are one of the most powerful promotional tools retailers and small business owners have available to them. But what happens if you throw a party and nobody comes? You never have to find out the answer to that question if you promote your event effectively ahead of time.

There are several components to effective event promotion. Beginning with online efforts, you want to make sure you feature the event on your website. Use copy and images to create a sense of excitement, and get people eager about attending your event. RSVP forms are a great tool to give business owners insight about what type of crowd to expect.

Next, use social media to promote your in-store event. There are a number of tools you can use, including customizing your cover photos, posts to your page, and display advertising. You’ll want to think through strategies to encourage your customers to spread the word about your event, such as a contest offering VIP treatment at the event to the winner.

Then it’s time to think through how you’re going to reinforce this online efforts offline. In-store signage, employee recommendations, print, television and radio advertising, and even billboards can all have a role to play. There’s also a PR component to effective event promotion. Local media will often be happy to cover a creative event, especially if there’s a benefit to a community agency or group.

If in-store events are part of your promotional plan for this holiday season, you’ll want to know about these special savings on event promotion. Maximize the return you’re getting from the time, energy and effort that goes into creating a great in-store event. Great promotion boosts attendance, and increased attendance means more sales. It’s that simple!

What Are the Components of Effective In-Store Event Promotion?
Article Name
What Are the Components of Effective In-Store Event Promotion?
Planning an in-store event is one thing, promoting it is quite another. Here's how to effectively promote yours!

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