It’s Confession Time: When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Data?


Anyone who’s been reading this blog for more than about a week knows that we’re huge fans of making the most out of your data. Website analytics are a powerful tool to help business owners understand where their customers are coming from, and determine which marketing channels are providing meaningful results. Social media analytics help clarify what types of content resonate most with your customers, and can even reveal your brand’s appeal among different groups of consumers.

Data is powerful because it’s honest and objective. Many times, business owners are forced to make decisions based on what they think is right – if you’ve ever had to ‘trust your gut’ you’ve been in this position – but data provides a set of reliable parameters you can use to give your gut some guidance. When you’ve got concerns about whether investing in a particular advertising product is worth it, data can reveal the actual performance results you achieved. Data makes testing different types of ads worth it: by looking at your analytics, you can see clearly which ad performed best in your market, with your customers.

There’s only one problem with data: data can’t help you if you don’t ever look at it. While Google analytics and most social media platforms collect copious amounts of data on a daily basis, the vast majority of business owners review this information only periodically, if at all.

If you want to radically transform the effectiveness of your digital marketing, you need to get in the habit of reviewing your data regularly. It’s time for some tough talk here: regularly doesn’t mean once a year or even once a quarter. There’s no way you would only check your sales figures on an annual basis! You want to know what your cash flow looks like each and every week. Your digital marketing deserves the same level of attention.

It may be that you’re not checking your data because you don’t understand what you’re looking at. There’s help for this. Check out our YouTube channel for instructional videos, and please, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. Helping businesses make the most of their digital marketing efforts is what we’re here to do!

It’s Confession Time: When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Data?
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It’s Confession Time: When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Data?
Data is powerful because it's honest and objective. However, unless you are checking and using the data it can't help you grow your business.

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