Confusion = No Business


I often have the opportunity to work on projects with outside partners and right now I am working on a project with Lori & Steve Gordon. During yesterday’s client meeting Steve said to the client “Remember a confused mind takes no action.”

I just loved this saying. It perfectly articulates what I try to tell clients all the time: focus on a message and you’ll succeed.  So, with apologies to Steve and Lori, I’m stealing that saying!

How Do We Avoid Confusion?

As the business owner, it’s our job to keep the confusion to a minimum. You need to be clear and focused about what business you’re in and what you’re hoping to accomplish.  If you’re not clear about these things, designing a website or building a marketing strategy will be all over the place, which consumes too much of your time and resources.  If this sounds familiar, you’ll find that defining a clear message and not taking on projects outside your focus areas will help eliminate confusion.

Cleaning Up Confusion

It’s very important that every member of your team understands what your company’s focus is. The ideas that can be crystal clear to you may not  be fully understood by your team members. That’s bad news when you’re counting on your team members to communicate your vision! Talk to your team regularly to keep everyone on the same page.

You also want to talk to your customers, and ask for feedback about what they see and understand about your business.  If their perceptions aren’t in alignment with your vision, you have to work on your messaging and performance! Remember, your clients can’t refer business to you if they are confused about what you do and what you offer.

Clarity Coach

Having a trusted friend or colleague who can help you maintain clarity is a valuable business asset. When you’re working on any project, including your your website and digital marketing it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What was once very clear now becomes confusing. Before you begin any project be sure business objectives and strategies are clear, and communicate them to your trusted friend or colleague. As you move forward, your clarity coach can help you stay on track. Having someone challenge you through the process will give you the best results.

Confusion Audit

When we’re confused, the messaging we create is confusing. Now that we understand that, walk through your website and digital marketing and give yourself an audit. Does your website reflect the confusion you felt while creating it? If you can’t discern easily what your marketing message is and how visitors are supposed to move through your website to become customers, chances are the public can’t either.

Don’t despair. Confusion doesn’t have to be a permanent state. Give us a call, and we’ll help you restore clarity to your digital presence. It’s simpler than you might think, and the impact on your business’ profitability will amaze you.

Confusion = No Business
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Confusion = No Business
A confused mind takes no action: this perfectly articulates what I try to tell clients all the time: focus on a message and you’ll succeed.

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