Connecting With Customers Means Expanding Our Definition of Content


The New York Times recently released a list of its most popular pieces of content for 2014. You might be surprised to discover that the top items – the ones that were viewed most, shared most, commented on most – weren’t, in fact, news stories. Instead, photo galleries, quizzes and contributed content drew in the most eyeballs.

Relatedly, when Global Language Monitor shared its insights on the most used word in the world, we discovered that word wasn’t a word at all. Instead, it was the heart emoji.

Mobile devices have had a huge impact on the way we consume information. Small screen sizes limit our willingness to read long blocks of text, especially when the same meaning can be easily derived from watching a video or glancing at an infographic. Character limitations, imposed on all social media platforms, have led directly to the widespread adoption of emojis – symbolic representations of complex ideas, like love or sadness.

Knowing this should impact the way we use content to connect with our customers. For maximum impact, we need short content, with engaging graphics and communicative imagery. Video content is essential. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and over half of all YouTube content is viewed on mobile devices.

Yet a quick examination of most business’ online presence reveals that these are not the tools being used. Instead, we see two phenomenon: a veritable absence of any type of content beyond the bare minimum required – disastrous from both a marketing and SEO perspective – or a series of quite lengthy blog entries or articles. While this second option delivers a definitive boost to website rankings, there is a real discussion to be had regarding the appeal or utility this information has for your customers.

The sweet spot in content marketing occurs when a piece of content is enjoyed and shared by large numbers of your customer. When we know that the type of material they prefer is markedly different than the type of content we’re providing, it’s time to make an adjustment. Smart business ownership 101 is give the customers what they want – and that’s as true for online content as it is for any of your products and services!

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Connecting With Customers Means Expanding Our Definition of Content
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Connecting With Customers Means Expanding Our Definition of Content
Making the most of the content we create for our customers and maximizing it's effects means analyzing our definition of content.

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