Consistency is Key to Holiday Sales


If you’re reading these words, there’s a better than good chance that this is the most important time of the year for your business. Many retailers will generate nearly half of their annual revenues during the last two months of the year; that number is slightly lower for service businesses and restaurants, but not by much. It’s critical to capture customer attention and convert that interest into sales.

Your social media presence has a lot to do with how effective you’ll be during the holidays. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote what your business is offering during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday is a good starting point. Make sure to cover all of your bases. Your covers, posts, boards, and advertising should all be focused on one message: don’t miss out on this great deal.

Here’s an important point:

The graphics, language, and branding of your social media content should be the same as what your customer will find on your website, in your print and television advertising, and in your store. Consistency is key to holiday sales. It should be simple and easy for your customers to identify and act on your special savings promotions, no matter what platform they encounter your business on.

Other smart, strategic ways to boost holiday sales include savings coupons, in-store events, and personalized holiday greeting cards. Again, consistency is key. Make sure that your in-store employees are aware of the promotions you’re running online and on social media: they need to be prepared to implement the offer and answer any questions customers may have. Use in-store signage that looks like the promotions you’re running online. When your customers recognize this imagery, it’s one more gentle nudge that steers them toward buying.

Are you feeling a little behind the 8 ball, with the holidays coming fast and no social media marketing in place? Don’t sweat it. With the assistance of our expert team you’ve still got time to make this the best holiday season ever. Call us today!

Consistency is Key to Holiday Sales
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Consistency is Key to Holiday Sales
Make this holiday season your best ever with consistent digital marketing messaging and imagery.

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