Front-end Developer

Posted: Dec 5, 2017

Technology Therapy Group is a growing digital agency in the New England area and we are looking for a full time Front-end Developer to work ON-SITE at our North Providence Office. We have a casual, open office, and encourage free flow of communication and ideas. Oh did we mention we’re dog friendly? Our furry friends make it a fun place to work. Interested applicants should have strong skills in:

– Semantic HTML
– Avoiding the use of excessive container DIVs and extra DOM nodes
– Good code formatting and legibility
– Basic accessibility (alt tags, screen reader text)
– Bonus points for:
– Advanced Accessibility experience

## CSS
– Strong CSS3 skills
– Use of pre and post processors like Sass, PostCSS, and Less
– CSS Animations (using `transform`s for high-performance animations)
– Class-based style declarations using conventions like BEM, SMASS, ITCSS, Atomic CSS, etc.
– Bonus points for experience with:
– Flexbox and CSS Grid
– Utility-based libraries like Tailwindcss, taychons, etc.
– Workflow that includes automatic vendor-prefixing, minification, and other optimizations (using tools like Webpack, Gulp, grunt, etc.)

## JavaScript
– Experience with writing plain JavaScript
– Experience with libraries like jQuery, Lodash, etc.
– Basic understanding of why frameworks are used for user interfaces (things like React, Vue, etc.)
– Bonus points for experience with:
– Experience with build tooling like Webpack, Babel, NPM, etc.
– Front-end libraries like Vue, React, or Angular (we primarily use Vue)
– Comfort working with REST APIs
– NodeJS experience

What you’ll love about working here:

  • Competitive salary at all experience levels
  • Health Insurance
  • Time Off
  • Small, close-knit team from a variety of backgrounds
  • Snacks and coffee
  • And again the pooches that make us all smile every day.

If you are interested in working with a team of creative individuals in an innovative environment, please reply with the subject line “TTG WordPress/Developer” and include your on-site availability and desired annual salary to

Please attach a PDF Resume and access to your portfolio and salary request. Applications failing to meet these requests will be ignored.

If your resume and experience meet our required skill set, we will contact you and schedule an in-person interview at our Providence Office.