What Content Marketers Could Learn From Zombies


Halloween’s here, and that means we’re surrounded by ghosts, ghouls and zombies. Zombies are especially popular lately, with legions of The Walking Dead fans gearing up in ghastly outfits and shambling happily through city streets in search of candy…and maybe some brains.

It’s all good fun – but did you know that Zombies have valuable lessons to teach us, as content marketers? It’s true! The defining characteristic of a Zombie is that it never, ever, ever dies. The same thing should be true for the articles, blog posts, graphics and memes we create in the service of marketing our business. Too often, we just post content and move on…but that’s not realizing the full value of our creativity and insight.

To maximize the value of our content marketing, we need to look for ways to share it again and again and again. Social media provides the first and easiest way to do this: make sure that blog posts, articles, and videos you create are shared via your social media platforms. You can do this multiple times, taking advantage of online norms like #ThrowbackThursday to put older content back in the spotlight. Use social media to point out your most popular content, of the week, month, quarter and year.

Has a news event happened that’s relevant to something you’ve written in the past? Bring that post back to life, with some added commentary that ties it to the current event. Has a piece of content you’ve shared generated tremendous reader response? Bring that discussion into the spotlight, calling out stellar comments and encouraging further discussion.

Zombies never stop coming. That’s what makes them impossible to ignore. There’s a lesson there for content marketers. Relentlessly sharing your content (preferably free of the off-putting zombie aesthetic, thank you!) will make sure that your customers are aware of your presence, no matter what platform they encounter you on. Need help putting it in action? Give us a call.

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What Content Marketers Could Learn From Zombies
Article Name
What Content Marketers Could Learn From Zombies
Zombies are all the rage, especially on Halloween. The Walking Dead have a lot to teach us, not just about survival, but about content marketing too!

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