Create Buzz for Your Business Like Michael Bublé


On Thursday April 25th, modern day crooner Michael Bublé put on a very special performance… in the NYC subway at the 66th street stop. It’s safe to say that Bublé’s days of singing for his supper on the streets are long behind him, yet this was an opportunity that he felt was not to be missed. He cited the long standing tradition amongst musicians of singing in the New York subway, stating, “I feel like it’s the most authentic, organic way to make music.” He went on to say that, of all the events around the globe he has scheduled to promote his new album, he was most excited about this one.

As interesting as this story is on its own, we’ve gleaned a few lessons that business owners can take away from this tale.

  • Go Back to Your Roots:

    Think back to when you first launched your business. Remember how eager you were to get your product or service in front of your customers? You’d do just about anything to get your business noticed, right? Don’t lose this spark now that you’ve made a name for yourself. Tap into the enthusiasm you had for trying new marketing strategies when you were a budding company. Try something new, like a viral video craze, or test a fresh social media trend (Vine anyone?).

  • Be Where Your Customers Are:

    Michael Bublé has some smart cookies on his publicity team. They know that a lot of his NYC fans (and their smartphones) take the subway each and every day. Not only did the unusual event get them to take notice, record the performance, and share it with their friends, but it also helped Bublé connect with these audience members. To get in front of your customers and make your own connections, make sure you join the relevant social media sites for your business. Create a posting strategy to help you stay on track.

  • Drop the Superior Attitude:

    Now that you’re company is growing and you’re experiencing the kind of success you once only dreamed of, it’s easy to feel superior to the grassroots tactics of startups. However, this perspective can really limit you and cause you to miss incredible opportunities for your business. Rather than looking down on strategies new businesses are using, get inspired by them!

The next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut, bogged down by the everyday tasks of your business, take a step back and remember what it is was that made you so passionate about it in the first place. Use this passion to revisit old marketing tactics you haven’t used in years or try something completely fresh. Just like Michael Bublé after finishing his subway performance, you’ll feel reenergized, ready to take your business to the next level!

Photo credit: TINA FINEBERG/AP

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