Did You Get The Memo? Facebook Covers Now with Only 20% Text


Facebook may provide businesses with a free business page, but you are definitely playing by their rules. In March of 2012 Facebook forced all the business pages to the timeline look we have today. This change gave business pages a cover photo, and what many thought would be more of an opportunity to drive traffic to their businesses. However, the switch came with rules businesses had to follow when choosing a cover photo.

Cover photos should not contain:

  • Pricing information
  • Contact information like phone numbers or addresses
  • Calls to action like “buy now” or “Save 20% this month”
  • Directions to “like” for example – “like us and receive free shipping”

This was the original set of restrictions for designing your business cover. We recommend to our clients that we use their covers to build emotion and personality with phrases and quotes.

As of January 15, 2013 new rules are now in effect for your cover.

Covers still may not include the original four:

  • Pricing, Contact information, Calls to action, & Directions to like

Facebook has added an additional restriction regarding text in cover photos. Now covers may also not include:

  • Images with more than 20% text

If you like math, you may not mind playing the game of figuring out the 20%, but most designers will do it with the use of an application like Photoshop. By using the grid layout. Here is an example of what it may look like to help you.


Before and After

Facebook covers that are primarily text will need to replaced entirely, but in some cases, you may just need to reduce the size of the text on the existing image. For example, our client SCORE Westchester featured the following text on their Facebook cover: “SCORE provides free professional guidance and information, accessible to all, to maximize the success of America’s existing and emerging small businesses.” Below you can see how we simply shrunk the existing text to comply with Facebook’s new restrictions.


If you have questions or if the changes to Facebook are making you think you need help with your strategy, reach out and schedule a free consultation.

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